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About Your Photographer

HELLO! I am Sierra, a family & life photographer specializing in the in-between moments. I am a wife and mother to four wild boys and an avid coffee drinker (basic), I enjoy crafts, social media marketing, and networking. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love throwing themed parties in my home. My vice is Dr. Pepper (so Texan). I cry when other people cry and I love super hero movies thanks to becoming a boy mom. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter - Since I was in Jr. High. I mean I have a dog named Luna (after Luna Lovegood) and a corn snake named Nagini (after Lord Voldemort's snake). They are our loves! 


I love storytelling and light chasing. I am a photographer of all things organic. I will be in your face finding those in-between sweet moments that pass us by so quickly. Join me for a day of creating memories  and dancing in the Texas sun.  



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Katy, TX

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